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Outline the evidences that youths are disadvantaged in the contemporary UK

Explanation: those most likely to experience ageism are the elderly and youths; they
are at a disadvantage because of this

Evidence: Butler ­ defined ageism as a process of negative stereotyping and
discrimination against people purely on…

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Evidence: Wilson ­ found in a study that 27% of 10-25 year olds have reported being
a victim of crime

Outline the evidence that the middle aged are advantaged in contemporary
UK (20)

Explanation: middle aged people tend to have the most work opportunities for them
as they are…

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Explanation: the middle aged people in society are least likely to experience poverty
in relation to other age groups

Evidence: Help the Aged ­ found in 2006 that 11% of pensioners, or 1.2 million, were
living in severe poverty on less than half of average earnings

Evidence: many young people…

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Evidence: Milne et al ­ found evidence of two distinct 'worlds' among the elderly;
one world ­ composed of the people in early years of retirement who live a
comfortable lifestyle; second world ­ made up of those over 80 who live alone with
only a few savings and are…

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Evidence: Blaikie ­ marketing companies have recognised the grey power of the
elderly in an ageing society, and now portray more positive images of the joys of
retirement and the choices that are involved


Explanation: the elderly are more likely to receive care from their families compared
to the…


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