Smoking Tobacco

If you are doing about Drugs and Infections or Health. And need some information about smoking thenyou should read this documentIhave done.It will help. Oh yes and can you please rate and comment onit if you can! thanks =D

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Smoking Tobacco
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. Tobacco contains 4000 harmful
substances. These are just a few, such as Carcinogens, Carbon Monoxide, Tar
& Nicotine. These are these substances do to your body.
Carcinogens are chemicals that can lead to cancer.
Carbon Monoxide combines irreversibly with haemoglobin in red blood
cells. This means that the blood carries less oxygen around your body.
This puts extra strain on the circulatory system, and can cause an
increased risk of heart disease and strokes. In pregnant women this can
deprive the foetus of oxygen this means that the baby will be born
The Tar damages the cilia in the passages leading to your lungs. The cilia
and mucus play vital part of the 1st defence. The mucus is sticky and so it
traps the bacteria. The cilia are tiny hairs which carry the gunk filled
mucus away from the lungs. So if the tar damages the cilia it makes you
body more vulnerable to chest infections.
Tobacco is addictive due to the nicotine in tobacco smoke.
Smoking damages the lungs this can lead to diseases such as Emphysema
and bronchitis.
Emphysema interferes with the process of gaseous exchange.
Bronchitis is when you cough too much it can burst the cell walls of the
alveoli. This also interferes with the gaseous exchange.
About 114,000 people die every year as a result of smoking-related illnesses.


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