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By Holly Austin

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How does smoking impact people's lives, and the short and long
term effects

In this article I will be discussing the relevant health impacts that smoking has on the body,
and exactly how each symptom count acts another. I will be going into detail about the gas
exchange system in…

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The mucus cannot be taken away so any bacteria or viruses grow, which irritates the lining of
the airway, which causes it to inflame. This attracts the white blood cells which are there to
engulf invading bacteria, but in order for the white blood cells to reach the bacteria, they…

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Atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries due to the formations of atheromas - CPG
as level biology revision guide. Atheromas are a build up over
time of white blood cells, lipids/fats, and connective tissue, which
form on the lining of the artery, because of original damage to
the artery…

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artery to the brain, which reduces the amount of oxygen the brain receives. Nicotine
increases the risk of blood clots, and carbon monoxide increases the risk because of the
reduced amount of oxygen in the blood.

Lung cancer

Cigarette smoke contains, many carcinogens, which then
creates the rapid growth of…

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only treated when the most severe symptoms are present. Treatments are often expensive
because they are long term drugs.


High blood pressure and hypertension are normally the most common. These are caused
when the lumen narrows increasing the friction. Shortness of breath easily is also presented
because of the…

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% chance of getting 18% Rare for non-smokers Hard to tell
the disease to get the disease

Chances of dying of 25% high 174000 die every year
the disease if you're a
Amount of smokers 20% of smokers have
with the disease emphysema, and 98%
of people with

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Picture front cover -

As biology CPG complete revision guide

Picture -

Picture -



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