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Smart Materials
and other bit and bobs!…read more

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What are Smart Materials?
· Smart materials are materials that have
one or more properties that can be
significantly altered in a controlled
fashion by external stimuli.
Examples include stress, temperature,
moisture, pH, electric or magnetic
fields.…read more

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Burton Snowboards wanted to develop a
system to make it easier for snowboarders
to listen to music (on a personal stereo)
while boarding.
They approached Softswitch Ltd to
develop a electronic textile control pad
for the Apple iPod system, which could be
integrated into the sleeve of a Burton
snowboarding jacket. The successful
development of this wearable electronic
system, involving the use of electrically
conductive polymers, yarns and fabrics
was named as one of Time Magazine's
Coolest Inventions.…read more

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Made of soft, washable
fabric, woven with optical
and electrical fibres into it,
the `Smart shirt' monitors
the wearer's heart rate,
body temperature,
respiration and a host of
other vital functions. The
information can be relayed
wirelessly to doctors or
personal trainers.
Future applications include
shirts for parental use to
monitor babies and for
military use to provide a
trapped soldier's exact
location and give support
units exact information
about wounds.…read more

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Examples you may have already seen?!
These examples can be found in
shops all around the country!…read more

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Kevlar is a versatile
material which is
strong, tough, stiff,
high-melting and well
suited for uses such
as radial tyres, heat-
or flame-resistant
fabrics, and bullet-
proof clothing…read more

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