Small island Character notes. Queenie Bligh.

this is a spider diagram for revision of the character Queenie Bligh in the book Small island by Andrea Levy. It has quotes to back up points. It is a comprehensive look into the character. 

I hope it helps with the English Literature wider reading exam! or just generally homework! 

rate and comment, I want to know how to make it better! :)

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Roots of working class takes in lodges after/during war
British middle class.
She has multiple names,multiple personalities to
SYMBOLIC: she is 'England', her name is from the fit stereotype? "maid-of-all-poultry" "Queenie
Queen of England - christened 'Victoria'. B" (by dad)
Bligh comes from Blighty, old word for England. unprejudiced
Bligh also means bliss fame of sea captain HMS accepting of society
empathetic hides it until actually giving birth!
Arthur was badly affected by ww1 "another war-
had child with Michael (black man) gives him to Hortense as he is "coloured" and
scarred into the face of his own father" Queenie Bligh 'nee. Buxton'
looked after Arthur during war- Bernard's father "His own kind" even most accepting sees void.
"a human apostrophe" "there but only to show he felt he was a failure to family- in WW2
that something precious has gone astray" Prologue is of her experience with a "african Father rejected from ww1- "he was too old and
Queenie is keen to help. still feels bad about it "you'll never get
man" - encounter = more acceptance in later had a weak heart"- "not bloody fit enough to
pregnant now"
life. Also realises has "world at your feet, lass" be shot"
Bernard link - she forces him into going to war.
establish personality & self belief.
Auntie Dorothy has a penchant for "Coconut ice" Even takes lead in the marriage. "He buried his
Strong Minded. eggs at young age
hight of sophistication! Shows her class. Had "elocution and deportment lesson twice a head in my neck"
week" She was being trained, to go beyond her independent
marrying for independence/ convenience.
original class. "I didn't care what he though - I had got
"No spivs or ne'er-do-wells ever read The
myself a job. So there! defiance.
Times" Auntie stereotypes men- what they read
= what they are like. Queenie conforms, despite
does not really have a child like the "other
her :) attitude toward blacks she seems very
Labour intensive. girls"- they "read love stories and dreamed of
caught up in her own GB attitudes. Moralistic BUT has affair with Michael (Hortense's UPBRINGING.
cousin/ brother/crush) was a sexual revolution having a best boy - i find eggs"
for her. "I was a cut above the miner's children" -
"It wasn't me.... This woman was a beauty- he
couldn't get enough of her" when younger sees herself above others.



This is a good mind map that explores the character of Queenie; it provides some clear, concise and relevant points. Each point could be explored further by referencing particular parts of the novel where these characteristics or factors are shown.

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