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Slope processes ­ AS Level revision

Slopes are defined by as any part of the solid land surface where there is an incline (gradient).
Processes occurring on the slopes often have a major impact on fluvial landscapes. Slope processes
transport material down the slope and into the river, thus, reducing…

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Fast mass movements

Slides ­ sliding material maintains its shape and cohesion until it impacts at the bottom of the slope
and leads to large, slumped terraces. They can be small scale close to roads, or large scale
movements killing to thousands of people, e.g. Vaiont Dam in Italy over…

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Vegetation ­ trees do more mechanical weathering than grass but grass holds more
moisture and organic acids.
Drainage ­ dry areas suffer less chemical weathering
Aspect ­ the direction of the sun or rain comes from is crucial
Rates of erosion ­ exposes fresh surfaces for weathering
Human activity ­…


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