sleep apnoea quick

sleep apnoea quick

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Issue date: March 2008 NHS
National Institute for
Health and Clinical Excellence
Quick reference guide
Continuous positive airway pressure for
the treatment of obstructive sleep
apnoea/hypopnoea syndrome
Guidance Implementation tools
1 Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is NICE has developed tools to help organisations implement
recommended as a treatment option for adults this guidance (listed below). These are available on our
with moderate or severe symptomatic obstructive website (
sleep apnoea/hypopnoea syndrome (OSAHS). · Slides highlighting key messages for local discussion.
2 CPAP is only recommended as a treatment option · Costing report and costing template to estimate the
for adults with mild OSAHS if: savings and costs associated with implementation.
· they have symptoms that affect their quality · Implementation advice on how to put the guidance
of life and ability to go about their daily into practice and national initiatives which support
activities, and this locally.
· lifestyle advice and any other relevant · Audit support for monitoring local practice.
treatment options have been unsuccessful or
are considered inappropriate.
3 The diagnosis and treatment of OSAHS, and the
monitoring of the response, should be carried out
by a specialist service with appropriately trained
medical and support staff.
NICE technology appraisal guidance 139
This guidance represents the view of the Institute, which was arrived at after careful consideration of the available
evidence. Healthcare professionals are expected to take it fully into account when exercising their clinical judgement.
This guidance does not, however, override the individual responsibility of healthcare professionals to make appropriate
decisions in the circumstances of the individual patient, in consultation with the patient and/or guardian or carer.
NICE technology appraisal guidance is about the use of new and existing medicines and treatments in the NHS in
England and Wales.

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Further information Related NICE guidance
Ordering information For information about NICE guidance that has been issued
or is in development, see the website (
You can download the following documents from
· A quick reference guide (this document) ­ a summary Published
of recommendations for healthcare professionals. · Soft-palate implants for obstructive sleep apnoea. NICE
· `Understanding NICE guidance' ­ information for interventional procedure guidance 241 (2007). Available
patients and carers. from:
· The full guidance. · Soft-palate implants for simple snoring.…read more


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