Slavery Essay Plan

A Slavery Essay Plan

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If slavery had been abolished in ancient Greece, could
Athenian families have carried on with their daily
lives? Explain your opinions. [16]
Areas to comment on:
What jobs would the slaves have done for a typical
Be specific ie don't just say slaves looked after
children, talk about the wetnurse, paidagogos etc
Divide up into work done by male and work done
by female slaves.
How did this help the family in their daily lives?
Household as self sufficient as possible ­
particularly in the countryside.
NB no electrical timesaving tools.
Women and children ­ greater protection ie
women didn't have to go outside to the well etc.
Didn't have to perform heavy, dirty tasks but no
more free time ­ women weave
Men ­ free to earn more money less labouring
free time to perform civic duty ie important in a
democracy (to serve as juryman in lawcourts,
attend the assembly, the theatre) leisure time to

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Slaves served
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