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Situation ethics applied to Animal experimentation

Situation ethics ­
The situationist enters into the moral dilemma with the ethics and rules
and principles of his or her community or tradition. However the
situationist is prepared to set aside rules in the situation if love seems
better served by doing so.…

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We have to act in the most loving way to animals due to the fact that it is a
Christian theory and it is stated in the Bible that we have been granted
stewardship over animals. So taken at face value it appears that animal
testing can't be justified…

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So in the view of situation ethics animal experimentation would be
justified if it was the most loving act, with the outcome with saving more
lives from a drug not for cosmetic reasons.
Tom Regan said that The fundamental wrong is the system that allows
us to view animals as…

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help humans truly showed agape. Due to Fletcher implying that he sways
towards, that animals have less value than humans, do we follow his deviation on
other topics or stick with the original theory within situation ethics. Also as Signer
had a part in situation ethics, his theory that humans…


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