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Singapore's Development

It is the 3rd smallest country in the world in terms of land mass,
was previously owned by the British Empire before it was invaded
by Japan in WWII.
Up until 1965 Singapore was seen as part of Malaysia, when it
separated it had a small…

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connecting the airport to the hotels was lined with lush greenery so
that its foreign guests had a great first impression.
They also recognised that Singapore had a massive geographical
advantage on other countries trying to attract FDI and used it to
their advantage.
The government invested in key infrastructure…

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Why was Singapore so successful?
It had a visionary leader in the form of Lee Kuan Yew
The region has a huge work ethic as part of the culture.
Initial low wages attracted a lot of FDI and TNCs.
The majority of the population speak English fluently.
Grandparents tend to…

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Despite the global financial crisis Singapore's economy has
continued to grow every year.
In June 2013 unemployment was calculated at 1.9% a much
improved figure compared with 14% in 1960.
Now considered a global financial hub.
Pharmaceuticals now account for more than 8% of the county's
manufacturing production thanks to…


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