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Singapore ­ NIC
1819 ­ The port is established
1832 ­ Singapore becomes capital of the straits
1867 ­ Strait settlements become part of the British colony
1869 ­ The Suez Canal opens, which boosts trade
1922 ­ Becomes the main naval base for Britain in East Asia
1941 ­ World War 2 ­ Japan is bombed
1945 ­ Japan is defeated
1946 ­ Japan becomes a separate crown colony
1971 ­ Last British troops withdraw
1990 ­ Prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, steps down after 31 years
1995 ­ Baring's fails on the stock market
1997 ­ Singaporean SilkAir airliner crashes into a river in south Sumatra, with the loss of all
104 passengers and crew
1999 ­ S R Nathan becomes president
2000 ­ Singapore Airlines 747 airliner crashes while taking off at Taipei airport and kills 81
passengers and crew
2002 ­ Singapore signs free trade agreement
Best 10 attractions in Singapore
1. Orchard Road ( main shopping street)
2. Universal Studio Singapore
3. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
4. Marina Bay Sands Casino
5. Merlion Park
6. Singapore night Safari
7. China Town
8. Clarke Quay
9. Little India
10. National Museum of Singapore

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Other industries include:
Financial services
Oil drilling
Petroleum refining
Rubber processing and products
Processed foods and beverages
Ship repairs
Offshore platform construction
Life sciences
Re-export trade
Facilities in Singapore
There are many visitor centres located throughout Singapore which aim to
provide help and advice when travelling around the area.
There is a train and tube service which is similar to the London Underground
Overall, there is a huge amount of facilities in Singapore such as transport,
accommodation, attractions, restaurants and night life.…read more


Mr A Gibson

A good concise case study of this unique place that would allow you to use it as an example or a longer case study in an exam. Good for your revision notes.

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