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Singapore ­ NIC
1819 ­ The port is established

1832 ­ Singapore becomes capital of the straits

1867 ­ Strait settlements become part of the British colony

1869 ­ The Suez Canal opens, which boosts trade

1922 ­ Becomes the main naval base for Britain in East Asia


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Singapore is located in the South China Sea and it is a state in Malaysia. It is
situated at the bottom tip of the country, also near Indonesia.

Singapore is located around the Tekong Island. It is approximately the same size
as the Isle of Wight.


In Singapore,…

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Other industries include:

Financial services
Oil drilling
Petroleum refining
Rubber processing and products
Processed foods and beverages
Ship repairs
Offshore platform construction
Life sciences
Re-export trade

Facilities in Singapore
There are many visitor centres located throughout Singapore which aim to
provide help and advice when travelling around…


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A good concise case study of this unique place that would allow you to use it as an example or a longer case study in an exam. Good for your revision notes.

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