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The Sine Rule
To help us find sides & angles in a non-right angled triangle
we use the SINE RULE.
The sine rule is:
To work out the c
length b
To work out the B C
angle a
Note:- A, B & C are angles
a, b & c are sides…read more

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The Sine Rule
To find an unknown side we need 2 angles and a side.
E.g. 1 A
c 5.1 cm
60o 45o
B a
Note:- you will always use
part of the rule where
(1) you know an angle & the
side opposite it
(2) the angle & the side you
are trying to find…read more

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The Sine Rule
To find an unknown angle we need 2 sides and an angle not included.
E.g. 2 A
c 60o
4.2 cm
B 5.1 cm a…read more

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Pg 348
Ex 15G…read more


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