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A guide to
Sine graphs…read more

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Reading y=Sinx
To start with the basics here is the graph
Specific values of x on the graph y=sinx make it much easier
to plot with the easy-to-remember values
For each cycle (360 degrees) the values vary from 1 to -1.
Because the graph is symmetrical the values are more
1 at 90 degrees -1 at 270 degrees
0 at 180 and 360 degrees…read more

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Main value list
· Here is a list of the main values used to
plot y=sinx
X 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300 330 360
Y 0.5 1 0.5 0 -0.5 - -1 - -0.5 0…read more

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Using Sine graphs
· In questions on papers you will be asked to use Sine graphs for
different things:
1. Using the sine graph estimate the value of (an x value). For this
you simply read off the graph where the x value is and write down
roughly what the y value is
2. Using the sine graph estimate the value of (a y value). Like the
first question simply read off the graph, except estimate where the
y value is, then estimate what the x value is using this reading.
3. Here is the line y=Sinx. Using this graph sketch the line y=3Sin
(2x). This is the same as transforming graphs. The 3 in front of the
y tells you to multiply the y values by 3, and the 2 in front of the x
tells you to half the values of x.…read more

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Identify the graph of the sine function f
REMEMBER: Questions come in many
forms so be sure to look out for them.…read more

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Thank you for your time
that's just about it...…read more


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