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The Sine Rule is used to solve any problems involving
triangles when at least either of the following is
a) two angles and a side
b) two sides and an angle opposite a given side
In Triangle ABC, we use the convention that
a is the side opposite angle A
b is the side opposite angle B
c b
The sine rules enables us to calculate sides and angles
In the some triangles where there is not a right angle.…read more

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Example 2 (Given two sides and an included angle)
Solve triangle ABC in which A = 55°, b = 2.4cm and
<> c = 2.9cm
By cosine rule,
a2 = 2.42 + 2.92 - 2 x 2.9 x 2.4 cos 55°
= 6.1858
a = 2.49cm…read more

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Using this label of a triangle,
the sine rule can be stated
Either [1]
Or [2]
Use [1] when finding a side
Use [2] when finding an angle…read more

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A Given
Angle ABC =600
c 7cm Angle ACB = 500
Find c.
To find c use the following proportion:
c= 6.19 ( 3 S.F)…read more

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6 cm
15 cm
sin B = 0.346
B= 20.30…read more

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