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First of all, I would like to ask you to
take your time with this. Really
think about each step and think
about how/why it works. If you
have any topics that you want
covered then please contact me at
Username: David…read more

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Step 1
· If y = 3x ­ 1 then what is y² ?
· y² = (3x-1)²
· So... put it in the y² equation:
· x² + (3x-1)² = 40…read more

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Step 2
· Expand the brackets:
· (3x-1)²= (3x-1)(3x-1)
· 3x*3x=9x²
· 3x*-1=-3x
· 3x*-1=-3x
· -1*-1=1
· So: 9x²-3x-3x+1 simplifies into
· 9x²-6x+1…read more

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Step 3
· Now we have our original equation but
instead of y² we have 9x²-6x+1:
· x²+9x²-6x+1=40
· Yes, we can simplify this into:
· 10x²-6x=39…read more

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Step 4
· Now, we want to make it so that the equation = 0
so we can either factorise it or insert it into the
quadratic equation. This means:
· 10x²-6x-39=0
· We can not factorise this (or it would be VERY
hard) so we will have to use the quadratic equation…read more

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