Simples Terms : Series Circuits

Simples Terms makes Kirchhoff's Law number 1 , EASY !


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Simples Terms
Series Circuits : Calculating and Etc.
Say a series circuit had 3 resistors , not like the one above.
We will call them r1 , r2 and r3 ... very simple
and The cell provides 12V
R1 - 30 ohms
R2 - 10 ohms
R3 - 60 ohms
Simples so far..
Therefore the battery or cell providing 12V ... is providing 12J with each Coulomb so...
12 = 30 I + 10 I + 60 I
I is equal to ohms like above...
and is also CURRENT
so 12 = 100 I
so ... I = 0.12A
Because 12/100 ...

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Could be more simples...
Easy as Quantum Physics really...…read more


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