Simples Terms : Learn how to be a Footballer in Italy

Simples Terms gives you the some vocab needed in a game of italian football, whether your playing, chatting about it or bragging about your performance , this is a good list of vocab. 


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Anticipare - to beat to the ball
contravanti - striker
migliore - to get better
inserire - to bring on a new player
cartellino giallo/rosso - yellow and red card
contro - against
intervallo - half-time interval
la sconfitta - defeat
l'avversario - opponent
truccare le partite - match fixing
impegno - hard work
agonismo - competition
uscita - the movement of closing down
gestire la difesa - managing the defence
il sacrificio per ragguingere la vittoria - sacfrice for victory
fiducia - confidence
lo sport fa bene al carattere perche - sport is good for character because
c'e piu pressione in porta il che veramente eccitante - There is more pressure in goal which
is really exiting
rinviare - to put off (a game)
ruolo - position
tenere sotto controllo - to keep under control
la lealta - loyalty


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