Simple WW2 Timeline

Simple WW2 timeline focusing on America's contribution and influence in the conflict. Mentions of specific foreign policy present.

Black indicates US intervnetion

Blue indicates development of war in Europe

Orange documents Japan's role in the war

Red gives a definition

Green indicates US isolationist policy

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America and World War Two

1917 14 Points drawn up

1921 USA refuses to join League of Nations, rejects treaty of
US hosts Washington Disarmament Conference
USA Still attends some League of Nations meetings

1928 KelloggBriand Pact
Renouncing war as a means of settling international

1933 Good Neighbour…

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1937 War erupts between China and Japan ­ invasion of
US supplies China with US arms
Japan sink USS Panay ­ US accepts apology
Fear of war leads to Ludlow Amendment

1938 The US rearms
German troops occupy Sudetenland

1939 Germany invades Poland

1940 US trades 50 destroyers for…

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1942 American forces arrive in Europe
US Naval victory at Battle of Midway
Singapore falls to Japanese
Mass murder at Auschwitz begins

1943 Germans surrender at Stalingrad
Allied victory in North Africa ­ Allies invade Italy
British and Indian forces fight Japanese in Burma

1944 D Day ­ Allied invasion…

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