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About His Person
Summary: `About His Person' is a Police List describing what has been found on this particular man
who has died. Although at first it just looks like a list of random items, we can look closer at these
items and get a clearer picture of the man's…

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Rhyme Scheme not predictable/ not traditional capitalisation ­ like man's life itself ­ not completely
predictable ­ life has no organisation

Last line awkward emphasizing it - Para rhyme

List, neat, couplet verses ­ looks neat on the surface but if you look closer you can see the


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1st person ­ self centered

"ansaphone kept screaming" ­ repetition ­ waring him down ­ harsh verb

"one more sick note, mister, and you're finished. Fired" ­ sympathize with him over unpleasant
nature of work

"Fired" ­ stands out ­ foreshadows death

"thumbed a lift" ­ ironic ­…

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Middle line sticks out like his anger

Neat ­ routine ­ suggesting that it may have happened before


Confession ­ priest/police

More likely friends ­ boastful tone

Dramatic/ narrative monologue

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To Poverty
"after Laycock" ­ in the style of Laycock ­ 1860s ­ born in same place as Armitage (Marsden)

"you are near..." ­ speaking to poverty ­ 2nd person

"I'd know that shadow" ­ amorphis ­ can't pin him down

"silhouette" ­ ghostly figure ­ like grim reaper ­…

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"sit down" ­ imperative ­ trying to gain control but poverty cannot be controlled ­ poverty taunting

Rhyme Scheme:

Rhyming couplets

Breaks up as stanzas move along ­ optimistic at first but then hope fades

Sestets ­ different at end when struggling and losing control

Rhythm ­ irregular ­…

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True North
"True North" ­ accurate portrayal ­ where Armitage was from

"Hitching Home" ­ punchy alliteration

"last leg" ­ slang

"cold", "iced with snow" ­ cold imagery ­ not welcoming

"unmanned station" ­ no-body around ­ ghost town ­ nothing's happening

"iced with snow" ­ metaphor ­ like a…

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"spark up" ­ showing off - colloquial

"the penny drops" ­ looking from his older self he realises what he was like back then and that
home's actually a nice place

"yawned" ­ bored

"I lectured" ­ think's he's cleverer than them and that he knows it all

"make the…

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Wintering Out
"Wintering Out" ­ ironic title ­ waiting for storm to pass ­ sounds tough when actually being helped
out ­ emotionally tough

1st stanza sets scene ­ present tense to emphasize his suffering right here and now

"mother's place" ­ she must find it tough living alone ­…

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"high pressure" ­ like a storm ­ frustration at current situation building up ­ intense

"button it" ­ colloquialism ­ not free speech

"that's it you bastard" ­italics ­expletives ­ normal relationship where they are free to argue

"golden hair lime-green" ­ unnatural ­ like situation

"honey" ­ irony/ PUN…


Paul Dutton


Lots of useful information here on a selection of Armitage's poems.

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