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Odysseus and Penelopesimilarities

Odysseus was `Pining on a lonely island far `Penelope went upstairs and there she wep
Loyal to one away' for Odysseus'
another `All my days I pine for is to go back to my `Penelope suffers so…

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Odysseus and Penelopesimilarities

Pious `He made libations to the Gods' `So Queen Penelope...filled a basket with
'Hear me, my lord' sacrificial grains, and prayed to Athene'
`the sheep were sheared, and I sacrificed him "How dare you plot against Telemachus ' lif
on the sands to Zeus, darkclouded son of…

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Odysseus and Penelopesimilarities

`Athene invested his head and shoulders with
a divine beauty, and made him seem taller
and broader, so that he would inspire the
whole Phaeacian people not only with
affection but with fear and respect'
Noble `Then I shoved the beam underneath a deep `in your wisdom,…

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Odysseus and Penelopesimilarities

giving her all the toys she could desire. In
spite of this, the girl had no sympathy for
Penelope's woe's'
Fate/freewill `[Odysseus] shall come back by the convoy "she [Penelope] will neither reject this
neither of the gods nor of mortal people, but odious marriage, nor can…

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Odysseus and Penelopesimilarities

`Nine days of drifting followed' "she [Penelope] will neither reject this
`I am a fugitive from the sea and from odious marriage, nor can she make hersel
Poseidon's malice' carry it through"
Justice 'You dogs, you never thought I would any `in your wisdom, you are supreme…


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