Silicon Dioxide

A summary of why silicon dioxde has its distinctive properties, as why these properties make it suitable for its jobs.

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Property of SiO2 Comments Uses
Very hard Silicon Dioxide has a strong, rigid Used as the abrasive in sandpaper
structure, will scratch steel. and scouring powders.
High melting (1610ºc) and boiling Strong, rigid structure is very Used to make linings for furnaces
(2230ºc) points difficult to break down. and hightemperature laboratory
Insoluble in water Resists weathering, ends up as Sandstone is used as a stone in
sand in rivers, on beaches and in building.
Electrical insulator No free electrons or ions in the Silica glass is used as an insulator
structure to carry the charge in electrical devices
(covalent bonds).
Silicon Dioxide


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