Significance of Latino voters

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Are Latinos a significant voting group?
· Latinos are the fastest growing section of the US population.
There was under 5% in 1970, over 15% in 2010 and it is
projected to grow to 25% by 2050. This makes it the biggest
minority group.
· There are often large Latino populations in swing states such
as Florida, New Mexico and Nevada. This means they could
help determine the outcome of the election, as no party has
control over them.
· Latinos are not a homogenous group (ie, they are from
different countries) and as such have different voting
loyalties- Mexicans & Democrats and Republicans & Cubans.
This means that the Latino vote is "in play"- ie their vote is
not guaranteed, as it is with African Americans and
Democrats. On balance in recent years, they have favoured
Democrats (supported Obama in '08 and '12), but previously
supported Bush in 2000 and 2004, and GOP candidates in
2010, leading to the election of several high profile
Republican Latinos, for example Marco Rubio, the Senator of
· Also, both parties often make overtures towards Latino
voters. For example, Bush visited Mexico in his first overseas
visit, and Obama appointed Latino Sonia Sotomayer to the
Supreme Court in 2009.
· Finally, one factor of Romney's loss in 2012 was his strong
immigration policies, which alienated Latinos, therefore
loosing him the Latino vote.
· Some states still have a low proportion of Latinos, for
example Vermont and West Virginia have the lowest
population of Latinos in the country.
· Poorer and minority (ie Latinos) are, typically, less likely to
register to vote and actually vote, which decreases their
significance if they are not able to vote.


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