Should Turkey join the EU?

Arguments for and against whether Turkey should be allowed to join the EU, plus some general facts about the country.

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James Fortson
Turkey has been trying to become a member of the EU
since 1959. The EU has said that Turkey must open up
its ports and airports to traffic from Cyprus. It must also
modify laws in accordance with EU standards.
There has always been tension between Turkey and
Cyprus. Turkey is refusing to recognise Cyprus, and
won't open up their ports and airports to Cypriot traffic.
The 25 leaders of the 25 EU member states (before
Romania and Bulgaria joined) decided to start entry
talks with Turkey. However some countries wanted Turkey to have a privileged partnership
rather than the full membership.
Would create a stronger bond Not "culturally European".
between the West and Muslim
world. Some people used to see Might cause a wave of Turkish immigration.
the EU as being a "Christian Club".
Turkey is already too big and so will have too
Approximately 99% of the
much power.
country's population is Muslim.
Some people say that Turkey is "too poor" and
Would make Turkey a more stable
that it will cost the rest of the EU too much
money to support.
Turkish membership would
Turkey has a high unemployment rate; which
increase foreign direct
could see immigration into countries like the UK.
investment (FDI); this would
increase the economy's dynamic The average economic growth rate has been
efficiency (e.g. improved well above 7% - however, this has not helped
technology). Turkey's high account deficit and high debt.
Turkey has a very large and young Turkey is not completely within Europe itself ­
population ­ people may be willing some say that EU membership should only be
to work longer hours in the UK and for European countries and that Turkey is not
fill jobs that nobody else wants to welcome.
Turkey has an appalling human rights record ­
something which the EU has set it wants sorted
out before offering membership.
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