Should markets be regulated

Business Studies A2 

Notes on market regulations 

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Business Unit 4
Should markets be regulated?
The Competition Commission (CC)
An independent public body that conducts inquires to ensure healthy competition for
the benefit of consumers, companies and the economy. Cases are often referred to
the CC by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
Cartel ­ A combination of two industries or more who agree not to compete on
price or production
Collusion ­ Agreeing with competitors to meet on price and costings
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Business Unit 4
Should markets be regulated?
Effectiveness of regulation on businesses
Arguments against regulation
Government isn't equipped to make judgments about the publics interests
Governments cant predict the effects of a merger
A bigger business or merger may have better consequences for the customer
Arguments for more regulation
The UK is too flexible against other countries like the USA
The UK may acceptations and bend the rules the USA have fixed laws
Not all cases are referred to the CC, little consistency, seems to…read more


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