Short term memory vs long term memory

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Short Term Memory Long Term Memory
Capacity Approximately seven Experiments in the mid
items plus or minus 1980s showed that
two. humans can store only
Memory span varies 1-2 bits/second in their
widely with populations long term memory.
tested and with The cumulative amount
material. of data stored in the
More words can be brain over a 70 year
recalled when the words lifetime is therefore only
are highly familiar in the order of 15GB
and/or occur frequently
in the language
Simon found that Ps
have a shorter memory
span for large chunks
than for smaller ones
Relies on chunking,
which in turn relies on
LTM for meaning
Cowan et al, suggested
STM is limited to four
chunks rather than 7
Duratio Most definitions of Certain information can
n short-term memory be remembered for a
limit the duration of lifetime
storage to less than a There are very few
minute; no more than people who can
about 30 seconds, and remember items before
in some models as little they were 3 or 4.
as 2 seconds.
new content gradually
pushes out older
tends to last between 15
and 30 seconds
Encodin Encoded as acoustically, Tends to encode
g visually and semantically
semantically Can be encoded both
Uses acoustic more semantically and


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