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Trade union ­ German labour front (D.A.F)- Dr. Robert ley
Work scheme- national labour service (R.A.D)
Strength through joy (K.D.F)- leisure opportunities for families
Beauty of labour (S.D.A)- create contented workplace ( part of D.A.F)
NSLB- national socialist teachers league ­ (97% in it)
S.S- `black shirts'-
Founded 1925 as Hitler's elite body guard by heinrich himmler
Concentration camps etc.
Gestapo ­
Secret state police + branch of s.s
Formed in 1933 by Hermann goring
Ran by Reinhard heydrich Himmler's protégé
Intelligence arm of S.S
Monitors Hitler's security
New plan- Dr. Hjalmar Schacht-
Limit imports
Cuts to welfare spending
Four year plan- Hermann goring-
Constructing factories (war related industries)
Encouraging development of ersatz materials
Autarky- self sufficiency
Hitler youth
Age Boys organization Girls organization
6-10 Pimpfen

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Young German folk Young girls
14-18 Hitler youth League of German girls
18-21 Faith and beauty
Edelweiss pirates rebels
Swing youth just liked swing music
+ Passive resistance
Most owned by eher verlag ( Nazi publisher)
Editors had to attend daily meeting
Editors law
Cheap one made by Nazis ( peoples receiver) (volksmpfanger)
Nuremburg- biggest one
May 1933- burning of the books
Not all films propaganda
Most made by leni Riefenstahl…read more


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