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Feeling stressed When out perceived
demands outweigh our
perceived ability to cope
Stressor A stimulus or situation
imposing demands on an
Sympathetic nervous system Prepares body for `fight or
(SNS) flight'
Parasympathetic nervous Returns the body to a state
system (PSNS) of relaxation
Hypothalamicpituatry adrenal Body's system that is
system (HPA) activated during chronic
Sympathetic adrenal Body's system that is
medullary system (SAM) activated during acute
In the HA system the adrenocorticotrophic
hypothalamus releases... hormone (ACTH), from the
pituitary gland in to the
blood stream

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In the SAM system, the adrenaline and
adrenal medulla releases.... noradrenaline in to the
Selye's General Adaption Stage 1: Alarm
Syndrome involves... Stage 2: Resistance
Stage 3: Exhaustion
Adrenaline... is a hormone released from
adrenal medulla, acts on
heart to increase heart rate
and blood pressure
An example of a stressful life Death of a spouse
Marmot et al (1997) lack of job control had a
concluded that...…read more


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