Short Haul Destination Notes

Notes on Short Hall Destinations (in particular Amsterdam) for AS travel and tourism.

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Short haul Destinations
1 must be an active destination like a ski resort, and 1 must be a city like Barcelona.
Why do these destinations attract, and who do they attract? Events, sports, shopping,
culture etc.
What are the Key features? Locations, accommodation, attractions, climate.
What is the cost value for money?
Then put on to a poster
First destination
Amsterdam ­ is a city in Holland which is in the Western region of Europe, it is the
capital and the largest city in the Netherlands. It has a population of 750,000 and
attracts 3.5 million visitors a year.
Transportation ­ hiring a car in Amsterdam is discouraged, however it does have
excellent transportation links. If you wanted to get from one part of the town to another
you could take the tram or the bus, or if you wanted to visit somewhere out of the city
you could get on the train or get on a coach. Within the city you could also hire a cab,
however it is not like in most countries where cabs drive around and you get in, you
have to ring up the company and they will pick you up.
Amsterdam attracts many tourists each year mainly for its culture no other city is like
it. Amsterdam also holds events throughout the year and has a major football team in
Europe (Ajax, who play at the modern Amsterdam arena). They say Amsterdam is a
city for antiques, books and diamonds! Shops are generally open from 10 ­ 6 on most
days except Sundays and Mondays where most places open at 10 am.
NieuwedijkKalverstraat is one of the main shopping areas dedicated for areas like
clothing, sportswear music and gift shops.
Attractions ­ Museums are the main attraction region, as there is the Van Gough
museum, the Rijks museum, Stedelijk museum etc. The city features over 50
museums to visit. Other features to visit like Dam Square which features the royal
palace (for historians), which is open all year except on official events. There are also
the Amsterdam canals no trip here would be complete without a boat journey through
the canals. If you feel like something different visit the famous Red Light District, here
is a 24/7 party atmosphere and as most people no it for is the ladies, where sex is for
sale! Artis Zoo this is the oldest zoo in the country, which includes four areas
Planetarium, Botanical gardens, Geological and Zoological museum. At the Zoo there
are many shows throughout the day to visit, like the planetarium offers children a trip
through the universe! Amsterdam is also famous for its coffeeshops where it is not
legal but tolerated by the local authorities to smoke cannabis in.
Climate ­ If you're looking for a hot and sunny holiday on the beach then Amsterdam
may not be the place! But the whether is quite consistent, with the hottest months

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