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Five electron pairs around the central atom ­
= Trigonal Bipyramid
Six electron pairs around the central atom ­
= Octahedral
How do you work out the number of electron pairs?
First you need to work out how many electrons there
are around the central atom:
Write down the number of electrons in the outer
level of the central atom.…read more

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Add one electron for each bond being formed
(this allows for the electrons coming from the
other atoms).
Allow for any ion charge. For example, if the ion
has a 1- charge, add one more electron.
Now work out how many bonding pairs and lone pairs
of electrons there are:
Divide by 2 to find the total number of electron
pairs around the central atom.
Work out how many of these are bonding pairs,
and how many are lone pairs.…read more


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