Shapes of molecules according to VSEPR Theory

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Shapes of molecules according to VSEPR Theory
Category Sub- Shape Angle Examples
AB2 - Linear 1800 BeCl2: It is linear because it has two bonding pairs
Note: A double bond is considered a single bond
ABE Linear 1800 N2, CO
AB3 - Triangular 1200 BCl3, CO3-2, AlCl3
AB2E Bent Slightly lesser SO2, O3
than 1200
ABE2 Linear 1800 O2
AB4 - Tetrahedral 109.50 CH4, SO42-
AB3E Pyramidal 1070 (NH3) It contains a lone pair which tends to squeeze the angles.
Lesser than Whereas bond-pair ­ bond-pair tend to open up the angle.
109.50 But lone-pair ­ bond-pair repulsion being higher squeezes it.
NH3, H3O+
AB2E2 Bent H2O (104.50) H2O, ICl2+ (Iodine Chloride)
Lesser than
AB5 - Trigonal bi- 3 Equilateral PF5
pyramidal (Each 1200)
2 Axial (Each
AB4E See-Saw or Not fixed SF4, IF4
AB3E2 T-shaped Not fixed ClF3
AB2E3 Linear Linear I3-, XeF2
AB6 - Octagonal 4 Equatorial SF6, PF6-
(Each 900)
2 Axial (Each
AB5E Square Not fixed BrF5
AB4E2 Square All are 900 XeF4, ICl4-


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