Shahada - one of the five pillars of islam

basic overview of the first pillar, be sure to check out the rest of the project

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The Shahadah is the first pillar of Islam, and is said to be the most important. The
reading of the Shahadah is very important to Muslims, and is performed every day.
Muslims believe that there is one god, Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.
Everyone is equal before Allah. Muslims believe that Allah has no son, and Jesus is
one the prophets.
To become a Muslim you must say the seven articles of belief, and believe it with all
your heart. The statement is:
"I believe in Allah,
In his angels,
In his revealed books,
In all his profits,
In the day of judgement,
In that everything ­ both good and bad ­ comes from him,
And in life after death."
The Shahadah is very brief but it is important to a Muslim's way of life. It says:
L ilaha illa al-Lh, Muhammadun raslu l-Lh (There is no god but Allah and
Muhammad is His messenger.) This declaration is called Kalima, and means `words'.
All faithful Muslims will say it many times every day, whisper it in the ear of a new
born baby, teach it to their children, hope and pray that it will be the last words
that they speak, before they die.
is the Arabic for Shahadah. The word Shahadah comes from the word sahida,
which means to testify.
Muhammad is the founder of Islam. He spread the message of Allah and is his
messenger. Whenever Muslims talk about Muhammad, they always say `peace be
upon him' because he is so important.


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