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You need to write a `lonely hearts' advert
You must write a brief description about yourself ­ what you
have to offer
And you must write what you would be looking for in your
You have 5 minutes to complete this task.
We are sharing ­ they must be decent!
Investigate Waynforth and Dunbar (1995)
and what they found when they analysed 881
lonely hearts adverts.…read more

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The basis of the evolutionary approach
in this case is that every species has one
To reproduce and pass on their
genes…read more

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Intra sexual selection (mate
In most species, males compete with
each other for a female e.g. in the animal
kingdom the male is often prettier to
attract the ladies.
Which ever male wins can pass on their
genes. Whatever traits lead to the
success will also be passed on e.g. a…read more

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Sexual dimorphism ­ males and
females often look very different
Can this
theory be
applied to On page 20, there is a task for you to
humans? complete ­ Which sexes are doing the
competing and which are doing the
choosing?…read more

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My wings are
big too.. Can I
call you
Your tail is very long
and blue... Very
attractive!…read more

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