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Birdsong: sex and sexuality

Sex scene (p.57-62) and Azaire (p.99 ­ 100) Homoeroticism (p. 297)
P. 57 The atmosphere in the build up to the sex scene Homosexuality is never explicitly referred to anywhere in
becomes increasingly intense, from the point that Lisette the book, yet there is a kind…

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had to construct a new persona to fit with her role as a P. 297 One of the most explicit homoerotic encounters is
bourgeois wife and mother between Jack Firebrace and Arthur Shaw ­ `lay curled
P.58 Their passionate union is instigated by Stephen when together in their dugout' ­…

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Isabelle (p.35, p.109 ­ 113) Prostitute (p. 204 ­ 207)
P.35 The background given regarding Isabelle's childhood
is similar in many ways to her marriage to Azaire, as she
has been suppressed by both of the men in her life ­ `She
did not question her parents' indifference' and `he…

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P.35 Another similarity between Azaire and Isabelle's
father is their need to punish women for their
wrongdoings ­ whether real or supposed




Notes, quotes and a bit of analysis - nice overview of the theme






WOW Robyn 10/10 for effort!!



great resource, fab work :)

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