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Psychodynamic theory
Gender development in boys Gender development in girls
The libido creates a desire for the opposite The girl has the same unconscious desires for
sex parent. her father.
Oedipus Fears that his father may become angry if he She also fears the loss of her mothers love. complex
complex found out about his unconscious feelings.
The boy is unaware of this as it all occurs in She too is unaware of this because it all
his unconscious. occurs in her unconscious.
The boys starts to fear castration from his Noticing that her mother doesn't have a
father, creating castration anxiety. penis, the girl experiences penis ency.
He gets rid of his anxieties by identifying with The girl feels as though she has already been
his father. castrated.
The boy takes on his fathers personality and She takes on her mothers personality and
adopts many gender roles that are attached develops many gender roles that are attached
to being male to being female.…read more

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Psychodynamic theory
Freud did a case study to investigate the gender development of a boy called "Little Hans".
Aims ¬ To investigate Little Hans' phobias.
Method ¬ Hans' father wrote to Freud, telling him about his sons development. When Little Hans was
four he developed a fear of horses. He got scared that a horse might bite him, and was frightened by the
idea of a horse falling down. He was especially fearful of white horses with black around the mouth.
Freud analysed the information he was given.
Results ¬ Freud said that Little Hans was going through the Oedipus complex. He said that the boy
unconsciously desired his mother, and feared castration from his father. Freud said that Little Hans
displaced his fear of his father onto horses. His fear for horses with white around the mouth was based
on the resemblance between his fathers beard. His fear of being bitten by the horse was his fear of
castration and his fear of the horse falling over was his unconscious desire to see his father dead.
Conclusion ¬ This case study supports Freud's ideas about the Oedipus complex.
¬Only used one child so results cannot be generalised to everybody, because we may show different results.
¬Freud barely ever met with the boy face to face (his info could be wrong).…read more

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Psychodynamic theory
Freud said that if a child were to be bought up in a single parent household they will
have a poorly developed gender identity.
This is because they never get to overcome the Oedipus/Electra complex. Freud said
that children that don't overcome their complexes' become homosexual.
Reckers conducted this case study. Carl was 8 years old and had gender identity
problems. He liked to talk about subjects like dresses, cosmetics, and delivering
babies. He preferred playing with girls and often played with his sister. He pretended
to be ill or injured rather than playing with other boys. Carl lived with his mother and
didn't have a stable father figure in his life.
Another experiment was conducted by Reckers to test Freuds theory.…read more

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