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Seven Dimensions of Religion
Understanding a human
phenomenon…read more

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The Seven by Ninian Smart
Practical and Ritual Dimension
Experiential and Emotional
Narrative or Mythic Dimension
Doctrinal and Philosophical Dimension
Ethical and Legal Dimension
Social and Institutional Dimension
Material Dimension…read more

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Practical and Ritual
Practices such as
­ Worship, Praying,
Regular Gatherings,
Rites of Passage
jpg…read more

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Experiential and Emotional
People react when they
have encountered
something which they
believe is very profound.
17A4AD9FDB9CF19396908EAF14430D35940696E613E87FCF2556AE8CBB5C4EFC…read more

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Narrative or Mythic
Stories which explain
and inspire.
­ One such story is the
Hopi tradition of how
peaches became sweet
and the bees got wings.…read more

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Doctrinal and Philosophical
Provides rational for
many of the practices
and ideas of the
­ Trinity
­ Bodhisattva…read more

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