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Rural to urban migration
· People are moving because of push and pull
· Push ­ negative things about the countryside
· Pull ­ positive images about the city
NB - Urbanisation is the increasing proportion of
people living in urban areas…read more

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There isn't enough land due to ·The life of a farmer is
the division between generations hard work with little pay
People are moving from rural areas to cities
·They think that there is better
·They think that they
opportunities and jobs in the
can give their families
cities so they will have a better
a better education
and start in life in the
Large amount of working age /
child bearing migration
(because of positive perception
of city life) The city does not have the resources
/ facilities to provide for the migrants
Outer city dwellers working on inside of (not enough houses / good enough
city. This leads to transport problems. water supply / sanitation)…read more

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As the sewage was
Amenities not disposed of
There are no drains, correctly and all the
sewage facilities or water shanty houses
supplies in the area. So were so close
they must all travel to together disease in
reach a commercial tap. the towns travels
Most children do not go
to school and remain Employment Transport
illiterate, this lack of skills There are usually no jobs in Public transport is very
make it hard for them to shanty towns. The migrants over crowded with
find any work. Children are often poorly educated and limited space, which can
frequently leave school have no skills. Many are street make them dangerous
to care and look after traders and domestic as fights break out over
family, some as young servants. Some are factory seats etc. There also
as 6 years old. There is workers but get paid poorly aren't many roads, so
also the problem of and work in horrific conditions. the few roads there are
being very little if any become very crowded.
schools in some of these
Shanty Towns.…read more

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Solutions to problems in LEDC
· Cairo ­ roof top dwellers ­ City of the dead
­ The 10th of Ramadan
· Bangkok ­ Mr Condom ­ factories in the
countryside, better agriculture in the
· Brazil ­ Sao Paulo ­ self help housing.…read more


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