Settlement Change - Paper 3

Please note that I was absent from lessons a lot whilst doing this topic. These notes to my knowledge cover all of the topic but please get in touch with me if there is something missing so I can amend this! Thank you and I hope this helps!

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Settlement Change - Paper 3
A settlement is an area where people live, ranging from a hamlet to a city.
City pushes Country pulls
More crime in cites. Cheaper housing.
More pollution. Quieter and less stressful.
Congested roads. Safer for young children.
More used facilities eg- hospitals. Close community.
Flats and small apartments instead of houses. Bigger houses.
Lack of community. More parks (good environment for children).
More accidents eg- car accidents. More natural habitats.

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Brownfield sites
Advantages Disadvantages
Planning permission is easier to get, the Complete environmental survey needed because past usage is costly
government is actively encouraging the and time consuming.
use of these sites. Perception of contaminated environment puts off prospective buyer
Infrastructure such as gas, electricity Cities may have social problems such as behaviour and crime as well
and water is already present. higher levels of pollution and congestion which could make marketin
Easier to market because of access to more difficult.
entertainment and other facilities.…read more

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