Set Work 8 - Buckley

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Set Work 8
A melody or wordless singing, usually a vowel sound. Bb 52 Singing
When a male singer sings higher notes in his range making an eerily soft sound with his voice. B 57
An electronic effect used on the electric guitar which has a dense metallic, almost swirling sound.
Parallel Chords
Using a chord such as a triad, and moving it up by one note on each finger, for example, DFA ­ FAB ­
ABC. During the coda.
B) Word painting is the way the music is sung to create an effect that the word describes or the action
it describes. Two examples:
Bb 37 ­ 38. The words are, "And the rain is falling" and the notes of this set of words rises and falls,
almost imitating the patter and rain failing.
B 13. The word is "die" and the note fades down in the scale, just as dying would be getting lower and
buried into the ground.
C) The structure of the piece: Is strophic structure when it is in the following order :
Bb. 1 ­ 7 Intro
B.7 Verse 1
B.13 prechorus
B.18 chorus
B.25 30 Repeat of intro with small changes
B.31 43 Verse 2
B.44 48 Chorus 2
B.49 59 Bridge
B.60 73 Intro repeated with more changes
B.74 Coda


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