Set Work 6 - Reich

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Set Work 6: Reich
Define the following terms:
This is when a weak beat is accented in order to give an offbeat the stronger feel. Used
through the whole piece
Hexatonic and Pentatonic Scales
A mode based on 5 or 6 different pitches in an octave. Used through the whole piece
Note Addition
This is when a motif is repeated many time, and each repeat is when one note is added
on to the end. It is very subtle change. Bass guitar adds on a C in B 24.
Resultant melody
When two or more melody's playing create another melody to emerge. B20, live guitar.
Contrary motion
One melody or part plays up the scale, and the other melody plays down the scale.
Guitar 6 and live guitar.
This piece is structure on a simple 6 note hexatonic scale where small motifs are
repeated throughout the piece going through subtle changes such as note addition.
There is a lot of cannon used where each guitar beat starts one after the other. There
are not many key changes until later in the piece, where then it changes keys often. It
ends in pentatonic.
Technology helps this piece achieve what it was meant to and without it, this piece
would not have the same effect. With all the guitars pieces being recorded separately
then being put together on a multi track record. This is then played back to the live
guitar where the guitarist has a part to play as well. Panning is also used as bass guitar 1
and 2 and played out of separate speakers.

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Examples of minimalism
Motif played over and over again also known as an ostinato, also the piece have a homogenous sound,
where the texture of the piece is built up in layers and the piece contains no chord progressions or
cadences.…read more


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