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Area of Study 2 : Music in
the 20 Century
Set Work 4 : `Peripetie' from Five Orchestral Pieces (Schoenberg)
Define the following terms
-A collection of six different pitches (Bb1-2 Bassoon 1-3)
-Shorting notes or their values, the opposite of augmentation (B3 Piccolo)
Glissando :
-A rapid scale
-Playing the same notes but in the oppisite direction, like a mirrored image (Bb32-33 Trombone 3,4)
Whole-tone scale
-A scale where each note is spaced with a whole note or tone between them
Give Two Examples of Schoenberg's use of contrapuntal texture in the piece
His first example is canon, this is a melody in his piece which is played, and an imitation of the melody is
played shortly after by another instrument group. The start of the first canon appears in B59 in the Clarinet
in Bflat 3 part, and 1 beach later is played in the Violin 2 part. This is an example of a canon used in the
Honestly..... Don't know the other example.
Explain What is meant by `Atonal'
Atonal is when the piece has no set tone or key, so therefore there are no regular cadences and no
modulation, as well as no relevance to ANY home key.…read more

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Identify what the following symbols in the score mean
The most important melody or set of notes being played
The second most important melody or set of notes being played
Cite Five features of the piece which show that it was writing in the 20th Century
It has Big orchestral pieces. Atonal, which is very angular, as well as octave displacement. Music also
focused on different timbres which showed colour and tone. The cello bow was played as an extended
musical technique where the cymbals were played at the same time, and the piece has no clear form…read more


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