Set Work 3 - Chopin

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Set Work: 3
Define the following terms:
Grace Note
Also known as a accirtura. A note or set of notes played as quickly as possible. (Bb 4,
Treble Clef)
Broken Chord
A chord which is played of a duration playing individual notes of the chord, also called
arpegiated. (Most of the piece)
Enharmonic Equivalent
Simply a note with the same pitch but a different name for instance, GSharp or Aflat are
both the same pitch. (Bb )
Describes the tempo and the way the piece is played indicating flexibility and changes in
the piece.
Give an account of the structure of the piece.
This piece can be described as either a tertiary form or binary form. This is because
Chopin shows his first subject(A), in bars 1 ­ 27, then he changes the broken chords to
the treble clef instead of the bass clef, and this is the B subject which sounds different.
Then he returns back to the almost original state in bars 76 to the end. However he
does not completely repeat subject A so it is argued it can also be binary form in which
only A and B are played and A is not played again, but a term used such as rounded binary
form where the pieces `rounds' off with an A section but is not noticed as a tertiary

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Provide a translation of all the Italian terms.
Sostenuto ­ Sustained, a passage is to be played at a slower uniformed pace.…read more


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