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The Sermon on the Mount

The beatitudes Greek Happy. LatinBlessed
The beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount, in whole, it provides a very positive teaching,
compared to that of the Old Testament teaching of the Decalogue.

`Blessed are the Poor in spirit the KOG is theirs'
Poverty, unfair wages, 3rd…

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E.g. Missionaries/ relief workers. They can help change things therefore will be
granted spiritual satisfaction (Link with st.Paulspirit)
*They can relate to the world today but must also relate to us and our personal
relationship with others*
Golden rule `Do onto others as you would have done on yourself'=everything can…

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Message: Nothing to do with self defence. A Christian should do all in their power
to maintain peace and to avoid acts of violence at all costs.

(Slight link to covenant? How Israel dabbled with faith. People take what they like from bible
and disregard the rest)

Laws of Moses:…

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May be ok if you can afford to give up extra luxuries, but what if you can't. Surely
God wouldn't want you living a hard life if it's unnecessary.
Jesus said his followers should set minds on KOG and everything else will follow
Look at New Testament `widows offering' Placed…


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