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Sermon on the Mount revision notes with help from a Friend.

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The Sermon on the Mount
The beatitudes Greek Happy. LatinBlessed
The beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount, in whole, it provides a very positive teaching,
compared to that of the Old Testament teaching of the Decalogue.
`Blessed are the Poor in spirit the KOG is theirs'
Poverty, unfair wages, 3rd world countries
Concerned with achieving the right attitude to moneydon't do wrong things to
get it, money is not the be all and end all
Equal respect for poor and wealthy
No attachment to money or possessions They may or may not have it, but it
means nothing to them *Story of widow at offerrety*
True treasure= eternal life, where your treasure is, your heart is also
`Those who mourn they shall be comforted'
They will realise things will get better
The other person is in the KOG
`Blessed are the gentle/meekinherit the earth'
Don't be harsh or violent. This can shock the world as it seems to many that
being harsh is the only was to succeedMATERIALISM ONLY
Some things cannot be achieved in such ways
In violence you cannot achieve love, wisdom or spiritual growth
They shall inherit the earth aimed at people who think violence gets you what
you want but true power, God, will ensure this a violent lifestyle does no good in
the end
Even as far as verbal abuse which has is just as harsh as physical abuse. (Look at
blessed are those who are insulted, slandered and persecuted for following Jesus, they
has a great reward in heavenrelate to bigotry )
`Those who hunger and thirst to do what God wantsThey shall be satisfied'

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E.g. Missionaries/ relief workers. They can help change things therefore will be
granted spiritual satisfaction (Link with st.…read more

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Message: Nothing to do with self defence. A Christian should do all in their power
to maintain peace and to avoid acts of violence at all costs.
(Slight link to covenant? How Israel dabbled with faith.…read more

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May be ok if you can afford to give up extra luxuries, but what if you can't. Surely
God wouldn't want you living a hard life if it's unnecessary.…read more


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