In my opinion, one of the most annoying Spanish verbs in existence - along with 'haber', 'tener', 'estar', and 'venir'

Hope you find this useful! I might share more stuff on verbs, too, because I have absolutely tons!

I've done my Spanish now, though... *sigh* I never have to study Spanish again... Ever. Sad, isn't it? I think so, too - no sarcasm.

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More Spanish Grammar Help! (Ser)

Infinitivo: ser
Participio: sido
Gerundio: siendo

Indicativo Subjuntivo

Presente Perfecto compuesto Presente
yo soy yo he sido yo sea
tú eres tú has sido tú seas
él es él ha sido él sea
nosotr os somos nos otro s hemos sido nosotr os seamos

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More Spanish Grammar Help! (Ser)

*NOTE: everything in black is the normal; red is irregular*


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