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The move by a minority group or a region of a country to gain greater independence or separation from
the country that governs them…read more

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Peripheral location
People feel the government doesn't look after or understand their specific needs
E.g. Scotland
The government would be closer to the people it represents so it would be able to respond more quickly
and efficiently to their needs…read more

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Language, cultural and religious
The people feel excluded from the larger national community
E.g. the Kurds
They live in a mountainous area across Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and parts of the former USSR, they speak
Kurdish, have their own culture and are Sunni Muslim or follow their own religion ­ this has led to them
feeling oppressed e.g. only Turkish is taught in Turkish schools
E.g. Yugoslavia
It was formed after World War One of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia
and Slovenia ­ each have their own language, culture and religion…read more

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A desire for economic independence
The feeling is that the area would be wealthier if independent
E.g. the Kurds
They have large quantities of oil
E.g. Scotland
They have North Sea oil so feel they would be better off if independent as would be able to benefit more
from the profits…read more

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The collapse of state
E.g. Yugoslavia
In 1980 General Tito died and he had no obvious successor to keep the federal states united
There were fears the Serbs (the main ethnic group) would become dominant if Yugoslavia became a
democracy…read more

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