Semi-Conservative replication of DNA

Poster/Notes on semi conservative replication.

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SemiConservative Replication
Sequence of events:
1. DNA double helix unwinds and " UNZIPS " hydrogen bonds break
2. In the nucleus there are ACTIVATED NUCLEOTIDES that can take part in reactions due to their
3. The bases of the activated nucleotides pair up with their complimentary bases on each of the old DNA strands
4. DNA POLYMERASE links the sugar and innermost phosphates of neighbouring nucleotides together, the extra
phosphates break off and are released into the cytoplasm
5. DNA polymerase only links bases if they are complimentary to the base opposite them, thus, very few mistakes are
made in DNA replication.
Activated Nucleotide:

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This image shows the results of an experiment where DNA was allowed to
replicate with N-15 and then N-14 over different generations. The results were
centrifuged and this diagram shows how the suspension level varied and thus
it was proved that DNA replicated semi-conservatively.…read more


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