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SELIGMAN ­ preparedness theory
Some behaviours are adoptive
Suggested we learn links between some things more easily than others
Evolution seems to have prepared us to learn about things that are threatening
Less input is needed to learn an association to a prepared stimulus than to a non prepared
If we were evolved by fearing fire than we will make an association between fear and fire more
Prepared stimuli would have been threatening to early humans
Situations and objects that can kill or injure people were prepared stimuli
Those who avoided being hurt were more likely to survive
Early humans, who failed to escape danger, would have fewer children
The growing population would be made up of more people with genes that helped them to learn
to fear and avoid danger
Seligman says ­ we have evolved to be conditioned to fear some things more easily than others
Preparedness is useful as it can explain phobia more than simple classical conditioning
Preparedness theory can explain why some phobias are more common than others
It also explains one trial learning


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