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Definition: set of written questions that can be answered easily, to gather information
from a large number of people.

3 types of questions:

Closed Questions: Yes/ No, straightforward type of question, with options.


Easy to analyse quantative data
Quick for participants (easy, straightforward)
More people will respond…

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Convenience: fast can over a large geographical area
Reliability: easy to repeat and gain a large sample
Valid: people are more likely to be honest as it is confidential
Easy to analyse: collect quantitive data
Less demand characteristics


Low response rate: people do not bother to return ­ this…

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Pilot Study

Definition: Small scale tests run of your research to identify any potential problems/
weaknesses with the method. It also allows for change and improvements to be made
prior to carrying out the full investigation.


Allows the researcher to identify potential problems and to overcome these.
Such problems…

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Every Fair method
More representative
Reflects entire population


Full list of names in target populations is not always available.
Time consuming collecting all the names if not available.
Need a sample large enough to make it representative.

2) Opportunity Sampling: Commonly used method of sampling. The researcher uses…


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