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Communicate effectively.
Example Questions:
1. Discuss the possible effects of moving to sheltered housing on Sam's selfconcept?
2. Discuss how Julie's selfconcept may be affected by Hassin returning home to live
with his parents?
3. Explain how the experience of primary school may affect Omar's selfconcept?
4. Discuss the benefits of a positive selfconcept in early adulthood?
Answered question
Q. Discuss the possible effects of moving to sheltered housing on Sam's selfconcept?
A. The biggest effect of moving into a sheltered housing is isolation. Isolation can be a large
problem for Sam moving into the sheltered housing as they can normally be found in quiet
areas therefore limiting the chances of people coming to visit him as often as they used too.
This can have a negative effect on his selfconcept as he has to come to grips with the new
surroundings and the new circumstances that he has been put under regarding his family
and friends.
However being moved to a new set of surroundings he has the chance to develop new
relationships with other people who live around him who may have gone through the same
experiences as he has. This can therefore increase his selfconcept as by meeting new
friends and communicating effectively with them about his problems he will be able to get the
support he needs to make himself feel happier, therefore increasing his selfconcept. This
can also increase his confidence to try new things and also experience new skills EG. Social
skills when meeting new people. After being moved into these new surroundings he has the
chance to increase his independence this therefore raising his selfconcept as he will feel
good about himself as he doesn't have to be dependent on the help of others anymore
therefore increasing his mobility and overall physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills.
Overall after being moved into a sheltered housing he can improve his skills and the feelings
of isolation will eventually degrade as he would be able to meet new people and increase his


Sam Morran

I like the use of exemplar questions in this resource - it gives an idea of what to expect.

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