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Self-efficacy: The belief in oneself to organise and execute a course of action.
The higher the self-efficacy, the more likely you are to succeed
Enactive influences
Past experiences of success and failures affect an individual's self-efficacy level.
Vicarious influences
If we are able to identify with someone who has already been successful in carrying out a health behaviour, it will
increase our self-efficacy
Persuasory influences
Other people persuading an individual. If successful, it will increase their self-efficacy.…read more

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High ecological validity: real snake phobia investigated
Small sample size- gynocentric
Lab experiment- high reliability, low ecological validity, high control= cause and effect can be established
Self-report method= social desirability= low validity
Likert rating scale: provides quantitative data and makes phobias comparable
Useful in treating other phobias and in developing treatment
Reductionist= high internal validity
Highly controlled variables
Snapshot research: do not know if desensitisation had a long term effect on self- efficacy
Nature and Nurture: self-efficacy affected by personality and environment.…read more


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