Self destructive personalities in Wuthering Heights

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His determination for revenge The way she treats Edgar and
Heathcliff- toying with both of
their emotions
Possessive- wants Cathy to be Makes herself ill- ie refusing
with him all the time to eat and winds herself up
(comparing the days she has
spent with Edgar&with him)
Isolates himself- acts so Passionate- in her love for
cruelly to him that no one Heathcliff
wants to be around him
His marriage to Isabella- Catherine marrying Edgar, for
purely for vengeful purposes social purposes, though she
loves Heathcliff
His return-he knows he is Isolates herself- slaps Nelly,
coming back to something he tells Heathcliff about Isabella's
can't have feelings, locks herself away
and makes fun of Edgar
Doesn't care for moral issues- Selfish- only what will make
when Cathy is ill her happy
Selfish in his revenge- Wants to have a higher status
disregards everyone else so and disregards others' feelings
he is happy to achieve this (Queen of the


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